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Why Amsco?


At Amsco we believe that you already know what your business needs are and you are just looking for the skills to fulfil them. We are not expensive consultants who will tell what we think you want to hear and then walk away. We will discuss the options in a jargon free easy to understand manner.

We provide a free no obligation quotation setting out where and how you can see a return on your investment. If a solution is not possible, or cost effective then we will tell you and not proceed. Too many companies sell products knowing they will not show a return on investment. Put simply we can only succeed if you do.

We are professionals who produce all work in house and to a high standard. We never outsource work to another company, or overseas. All source code is provided so you donít have to worry about being tied to one company.

We donít just look at your immediate requirements but also put forward ideas to enhance you solutions. Most offices have unsung de-motivated heroes ploughing through tedious repetitive work, by automating their work can motivate them to work better and free them up to do more constructive work.

We have many years experience in software development, working with the latest technologies to bring you fast robust solutions.

We can provide solutions both simple and complex, we always look for the most cost effective methods to suit the way you work. We can even bring solutions online in stages so you can start benefiting as soon as possible.

So for a refreshingly different approach why not contact us for a free, friendly, informal discussion about your requirements.


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