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About us

We are a small company based in the UK creating bespoke software and website design, we also provide support and consultancy services for the SME market.

Our aim at Amsco is to provide solutions that meet the needs of your business, on time and within budget.

In business the customer is king, with software, the user is. We will listen to the needs of your users and will only take on projects that are feasible and will benefit your users and your business.

Why Bespoke Software?

Many businesses would benefit from ERP and CRM packages, but because of the high cost so many systems fail to show a return on investment. A growing number of these system are also running on old technology and not able to take advantage of the latest developments like touch screen and card readers etc. When was the last time your request for an improvement listened to?

With a one off development cost you can get just the functions you need, often build around your existing systems to produce an efficient cost effective solution.

Bespoke software can be developed quickly using modern technologies and database management systems.

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